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Gagging from brushing my teeth


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I guess I'm posting to find out if I really am the only person with this problem.


Everytime I brush my teeth I violently gag and many times I will vomit if I recently ate. It happens when I brush my toungue and the top of my mouth. Obviously sticking things down your throat would make anyone gag, but it seriously only happens to me when it's my toothbrush. I think I have associated the taste of toothpaste with vomiting (I absolutely hate the taste and consistency of toothpaste) and I can't make it stop!!


Now that I'm writing it out, it sounds ridiculous, but I am just so sick of throwing up from my freakin toothbrush. Gagging 2-3 times a day gets really old after awhile. Has this happened to anyone else? I know a simple "Dont brush your tongue anymore, just use mouthwash" would suffice, but I can't not fully scrub my mouth.

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theres a couple things i thought of that you could try:

1) getting a new flavor of toothpaste (i know its for children, but what about bubble-gum? i'm sure you chew gum and don't gag.)

2) buying a tongue-scraper and using that instead of your toothbrush on your tongue


i gag when i brush my tongue too, but not so bad that i throw up!

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How far back do you go when you brush your tongue? Stick it out as far as possible and only brush till you can reach. Don't go any farther than that.


I gag on my toothbrush only if I brush immediately after waking up. For some reason it's more sensitive then.

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lol this has happened to me before, too. I don't think i've thrown up from it, but there have been many times that is has made me start coughing very hard, almost to the point of vomiting. The only thing i can think of is to go very gently when you are brushing your tongue and try not to go too far inside your mouth. This seems to help at times; I find that if i'm brushing in a hurry, i tend to brush my tongue harshly without realizing it and it causes me to cough/want to throw up.

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Why don't you guys try one of those tongue scrapers? I gag with a toothbrush that's in part because with the bristles the head is to tall and gets to close to your uvula. I got a scraper a few months ago and I rarely gag now because its flat and doesn't get close to my uvula. There like 4-5 bucks

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