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Have ever you sweetheart from online in person?how was it?


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Yes, it works and at long distance too.


I met my fiancee on a forum of a well known musician.


There was a political discussion forum and we, after a while, started to exchange PM's.


Problem being I am in the UK and she is in Canada.


But three and a half years on and much travelling, we are looking forward to making our life in the UK within the next 12 months.


Her daughter to think of and unbelievable paperwork from the UK Govt.


It's in the family, my younger brother is married to an Australian....

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i have met two....both were married. you can imagine how they ended


oh no!



I met my boyfriend of 1&1/2 years after first speaking with him online. The funny thing is, we didn't speak much, and he was too shy to ever call me. But one nite he got brave about it, and we talked for HOURS. I remember I got in trouble for laughing too loudly ;-) Several months after we began talking on the phone, we met. I remember when I first saw him, there was a feeling of a mix between fear/being amused/excitement. I guess that's the soulmate feeling, LMFAO!


But yes, you do go through a lot of duds, especially if you actively search online, but eventually there is a payoff if at first you don't succeed I've met so many creepers.....just be sure that you're in a safe environment where you can run if you have to. LOL

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I met my first real BF online. We talked online for a month and then on the phone before we met up the first time. Our first date sucked. There were no sparks at all. I actually sent him an e mail saying I didn't want a second date and that we could be just friends. He understood but still wanted to see me. I guess the first date was just a fluke because we ended up dating for 4 months. He was a sweet guy but it just didn't work out and I broke up with him. Not a bad experience though.

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I've met two people online that I had relationships with [ my two longest/most serious relationships ].

I wasn't looking for a boyfriend. We were just friends but we ended up dating. The first one lasted 2 and a half years. We just had to break up though because of the distance, unfortunately [ he was from the UK. I am from Canada ] but he is by far still my favourite boyfriend

The second one I met and dated him for 2 years, we moved in together etc etc. We were just really incompatible but other than that, it was a good experience.

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My Mum and my Step Dad met on the internet and have been together for 7 years now.


My Nanna and my Step Grandad met on the net, he flew to Australia from the US, they got married, over 10 years ago now.


My girlfriend and I met in a chatroom back in April, and are now living together, moving to a bigger house soon (As soon as we get accepted for one anyway...renting is HARD atm

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I met my ex-husband online. It actually took us seven years before we met in person. We got married two months after he flew out here. It was a sweet wonderful story to tell until everything went down-hill I still consider the first time I actually got to hold him in my arms, kiss him and tell him I love him in person the greatest moment of my life. *sigh*

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I did and it went perfectly he flew to England to meet me for the first time and I was *so* nervous beforehand, especially while waiting for him to get his luggage at the terminal arrivals, but they went away quickly after we met. We'd both been completley honest about ourselves. I knew his appearance already very well, I knew his voice already very well too. The huge thing was computer now and physical contact We'd spent almost every night on skype together, we'd been talking for like six months beforehand, we'd grown incredibley close, and it just went amazingly well on our first meeting. When he left I cried and cried, hell even he did a bit and he normally never cries in public. We're in a very close and happy relationship now and we try to meet up in person at least every couple of months. We're really attatched and I think we have a great chance at lasting I'm going to Denmark again next Saturday for a week and I am so excited!

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