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Need advice asap

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Ok Im not sure if this is the right forum for this but if isnt sorry....



I have been dating this guy that is 10 years older than me we have been together for 2 years.. we now live together..


I got a phone call today and when I answered it was my Bf cousin that is older than him. When i first answered I didnt know who it was because the number was restricted. Then I relized who it was and it was my BF cousin calling me. He was talking and was asking me if I had any friends for me to set him up with. And then the consversation contiuned and he was telling me what he thought of me and wanted to know if we could do lunch... so basically he was asking me out which i politely told him no and that my Bf is good to me and Im not that kinda of girl. Well the conversation was ending and he was telling me that he thought i was sexy and when he comes over to our house and is talking to my bf that all he can do is look at me. I just laughed it off.. Before we hang up he tells me not to tell my bf that he called because he doesnt want him to know. I told him I wouldnt because I really thought he was kidding with me and then i relized he wasnt so my question to you yall is do i tell my bf.. I really think I should but a part of me dont know if i should because I dont want to cause any problems in the family. Do I let this one time slide and if he dosent again tell him or do I just need to up front and honest with him that hes cousin called me.


Any advice would be greatly appreciative... Thanks and everyone have a merry christmas..

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I would tell him. 2 years and living together is a serious commitment and you did nothing wrong...in fact your boyfriend will probaby be very happy to hear you said that you're happy where you are. You don't have to give him all the gory/staring at you details, but let him know his cousin made you uncomfortable and then asked you not to tell. If you and your beau have a relationship without secrets, don't let this be one.

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