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Is this a sign of rejection from her?


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asking for a guy friend of mine ........

So I finally got the guts to ask the girl i have a crush on to a small dinner party i was having in 2 days...she wrote back and said "Unfortunatley, I have made other plans for that particular night. I would love to take a raincheck for next time though,ok?" I saw her the day after the party and she asked how my dinner went and i said "OK" and she was like "I get a raincheck, ok?"So does that mean she doesnt like me or she does..and how long should i wait before i make another dinner party to invite her to? I dont want to do it too soon because then i'll look desperate. Do you think i have a chance with her by the way she answered the email?

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I would say go for it. After the first raincheck I might have thought twice about it. Even though it was on short notice. Since she brought it up again, I wouldn't give up on it. She probably didn't just want dinner, she just wanted to go out with you. So I wouldn't take her out to dinner for a first date.

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