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Falling in love again and again


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Hi, i dont know if this is the right place but here goes.


as the title implies im falling in love with my best friend again and again, every other day when i see her. heres the back story ( sorry if its long)


As of right now i am 21 and she is 17 about to turn 18. We've know each other since forever, since my dad and hers are best friends. we've always been close but we've gotten much closer this year. She cares about me very much as do i her, we are each others rocks in a turbulent sea. we had a small thing about 6 months ago, i went to a movie with her and a guy showed up that she knew from work. didnt bother me at first, but i did feel a small bit of jealousy. we get back to my house and she notices that i seem kind of off ( her words ), i really didnt have to say anything because she pretty much guessed it. she tried for a bit to get the truth out of me until she said " well, if you said that you liked me, id have to say that i like you too". we spent alot of time together after that, but we never so much as kissed. namely because we didnt know how our parents would react to this, and we really didnt want to deal with the complications of keeping it secret.so as quickly as it started it ended, with her thinking that it might have been a bad idea


fast forward to today. we still hang out a lot, we have a lot of fun, the flirting is still there.. and everytime i mention something about a random girl she always has something negative to say about the girl, which i cant help but see as jealousy, and thus maybe means she still has some feelings for me. but maybe im reading too much into that since she has a BF right now, though again all the little looks she gives me and the little backhands i receive when said comments are made ( which are just comments about being pretty) cannot be dismissed. and i think about her everyday, cant wait to see her again.. love struck and all lol.


So could she still have feelings for me? and should i act on it?


if you need more info feel free to ask

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