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Do women still like when you are respectful and a gentlemen towards them?


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I like when men do this -- all of my close male friends and all the men I've dated were and are gentlemen.


I'm not sure picking up weights for a woman is being a gentleman, though. It seems a little invasive if you don't know her. I get into a zone when I am working out, I don't really want to be bothered by total strangers.


Handling doors, speaking to them respectfully, not looking at them like they're on the menu, stuff like that is appreciated. Being a gentleman and expecting to get a date because of that, no, it's being a player.

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I like all of that as long as I can tell that it is done sincerely. I can tell when a man I am dating does this just to go through the motions but otherwise has a different - hostile, unfriendly, bitter - vibe about him. Or, if he does it just to seek approval but deep down he resents it. that's icky.

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Of course women like nice guys and gentlemen. They just don't like when men act like that one minute and turn into Freddy Kruger the next. Women love a sincere & gentle man, but they despise push-overs. A man who'll say things or do things just to seek approval or seek validation.


I must admit that's not a very good look, either.

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