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after 6 months of NC, I have progressed!!!

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I just want to rejoice that I finally moved on to the acceptance part of grievance. THis is the thing I did.


Whenever I missed my ex or want her back, I tell myself "SO WHAT?" like that famous song from BlueNote jazz record with miles davis and john coltrane. "SO WHAT?"


She is living her life and I must live mine. my feeling towards her doesn't not bring her back so what is the point of thinking about someone who is gone gone far far away.


I feel emancipated from the shackles of self pity and lonliness.

I will take charge of my life.


This is a quote from a book that i am reading by Felix Dennis "how to get rich"


Not those who "want" to and not those who "need" to, but those who are utterly "determined" to - whatever the cost.



I feel like Mel Gibson from Braveheart before the epic charge against the English. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!@!!!!!!!

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