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Pain, pain, ACK.


I get sharp pains in my pelvic area, and a dull ache yet sometimes sharp in my stomach.


Is this normal?

I'm concerned more about the sharp pains in the pelvic area. Because it's very painful and not many other people I meet seem to get them...


I've taken mefenamic acid however I am still getting pains and cramps...

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When do they happen in your cycle? And could you clarify "stomach" a little bit? Is it near your navel, higher, lower?


Have you tried ibuprofen? That is what I take for both cramps and for some pain that I occasionally get during ovulation (on the lower left side of my belly)

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If it bothers you too much, you maybe should see a doctor. To find out if it's just normal pain or not. I usually take Advil about once a day for several days (about a week) before I expect my period. That helps stop or lessen prostaglandins or whatever it is that cause pain. If I didn't take the Advil for those few days I'd probably be in a lot worse pain.

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I get really dizzy, and faint, and very sick on my periods. I mean, it's probably from the blood loss as I do have VERY heavy periods, and I also may be anemic, but the sharp pains and cramping is so bad it does disable me. Stomach, I mean below the navel. Where the intestines are inside. LOL. 8-)


I have taken ibuprofen, thank you.

My mum has a docs appt tomorrow, will let you know what happens.

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