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Ok, it's been 3 months since she broke up with me. She lives accross the hall from me at school and winter break is approaching. Her birthdat is at the end of the month. Me and her are not really talking, as she says we can't be friends, only aquaintances, because i'm her "baggage."


I still love her and want to be with her more than anything. My question is should i send her a gift? Should I say Happy Birthday? Or should I just doing nothing at all? Anyone that's been through something simliar, can you offer me any input?

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Have some self respect and move on with your life. Do you really know what love is?

How can you love someone who calls you a baggage? Seriously ask this to yourself.

Are you only good enough to love someone who calls you a baggage? (this question should make you hate me-yes it is a big ego downer)

Don't spend that money on her anymore. Use that same money to buy yourself a present or if you find some other girl you can spend it on her.


dude you need to wake up. you might as well be in love with a dead person. Nothing you do will bring her back. Is that what you deserve from loving this person?


Show some self respect and give her the freedom and you your freedom to live again.


You owe it to yourself mister so have some self respect.

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im sorry but i have to agee with julio, why would you want to buy something for her when she calls you baggage? its done, over, take that money you were gonna spend on her, and take yourself out, or by yourself something, you don't need to shower her with gifts, by breaking up with you she tol dyou that she doesn't want you in her life anymore, thereforee you should just leave her alone..


its the hardest thing to do but after a while you will start to feel better about yourself.


happy holidays, i hope you do the right thing and treat yourself because you are the one who deserves it

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