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What does she want from me?


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I posted a thread not too long back about a girl/friend I've been 'seeing'. It's moved on a little, in that even though before she said she just wanted to be friends, we've actually moved onto kissing and very sexual behavior, only touching, rubbing and kissing but very sensual.


This does feel different from FWB because of how much she talks/texts and even says she misses me when I'm not around. I know i should ask her what she wants, but I'm bothered that it might upset what we have...i like it a lot, but am i being selfish with that?

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I would like it to be more because I'm getting quite attached to her, I'm not desperate to move it on though, because i quite like the uncertainty of it if that makes sense? its exciting lol. that's where I'm struggling to make a decision on it, plus I'm worried she will say she just wants to keep it as it is and it might put tension on what I'm enjoying.


I may just play it by ear for a little longer and maybe wait till after Christmas because it may just flow naturally into something. Is that a good choice do you think?

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