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how to fix things?(kinda long)


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I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 3 months. and everything has been going fairly well up until recently. shes confessed to me time and time again on how she is clingy and needs attention and affection. i try to do my best with all that. i dont mind the clingyness at all. but i guess things have gone to a stalemate as of late. one reason is because im not entirely all there most of the time because i have so much on my plate right now. i mean i am that guy that likes to pay for everything and go out to eat, and buy my girl things and whatnot. but i havent been able to do much of that because i was laid off my job as a auto tech 2 weeks ago. just before the holiday crush too. so money has been tight. but ive managed to do things without spending too much money. and ill admit that my mind is distracted with the worry of finding a new job and how im gonna pay my bills and expenses. i think thats consuming me since i am one of those constant worriers. i hate that i worry so much even for the littlest of things. but my main worry is financially. now i feel like theres a distance between us. now dont get me wrong. i havent spent alot of money on her. its been next to nothing actually. but i just dont know what to do. i dont wanna lose her because shes just so great. the "L" hasnt been dropped on either side. im wondering if thats anything to do with it. i am barely starting to get those little feelings that are situated with love.


anybody care to chime in?

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Yeah sometimes other things in our lives just come along and take over. Have you talked to her about this? I am sure she would be understanding and if she is right for you and vice versa she will be happy to make some copmpromises whilst you get yourself back on your feet.


Don't let pride get in the way of telling her what is going on.

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