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I am so unhappy with my life. I can't remember the last time something good happened to me. I feel like I will never be the person I want to be: never get back into shape, never find a boyfriend, never be able to trust others.


All my 'friends' at school think I am happy and silly, but it is all an act. I know if they knew who I truly was, I would be outcasted like I was in college. I wanted grad school to be different. Now, people talk to me, and by beig happy they want to hang out, but my misery remains. Im unhappy when Im myself because im alone. And Im unhappy when I have friends because they dont really like me, they dont know me.


Seems like everyone's part of a couple, and no one wants that more than me. But how can there really be an other half to....this?


truth is, I would be suspicious if someone liked me. How demented would they have to be?


I live on the 29th floor and am seriously thinking about ending it all. I mean, relly, what is it Im living for again?

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Have you ever been to a counselor to get evaluated as to whether you are clinically depressed and might need treatment?


Don't throw you life away until you've explored every option out there available to help you. Please call the suicide hotline in your area and ask for help. They have many resources to help you and can refer you to a doctor who will be able to help you.

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