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Ex Roommate/Friends....

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Is it good to be friends or have a conversation, with your ex roommate/friends in general? Or even hang out, party etc...?


Or trust her friends opinion, or secrets etc....


Example, i found out last night, bump into her good friend/roommate, and she told me some 411 stuff about me and my ex, and her side etc... Some secrets, i dunno if i can trust her. Because i don't know her to very well.... Also of what my ex has been feeling etc....

One of the conversation, made me pretty upset.

She said she is seeing someone, only she knows. And no one else.... So if i slip my mouth, it will go back towards her. She did not say who the person is, of her safety being that she only knows. But, She has no feelings for him or emotional, it must be just for sex. Because my ex, has a big sexual drive.

Good part, one of the conversations. That she misses me, she cares for me, i been very respectful... Bla bla bla....


Just can't believe she move on so quick, she needed her space, want to be alone, want to be single, need to figure her own self out.... I think thats BS!



Ps. me and my ex work together! So i dunno how i'm gonna react to her now... Been broken up for like month and 1/2 about or more. I see her 3-4 times a week, during work.

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I would say, its probably not good to be talking to this person if you are focusing on healing.


I would also say that I would tend to believe the person, unless you think the ex sent her to say those things. I think the best course is to ignore the infomation you received and instead look at the information that you ex is giving you.

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I say definitely ignore it. You always think you want to hear those things and really you would have been much better off in th elong run by not knowing any of it at all.


Don't even let the things she told you run wild in your mind...


People always say the things you want to hear- whether they are true or not!

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If you need to talk, and you probably will, DON'T talk to this girl. She may think she's doing you a favour, or she may be trying to be a 'shoulder to cry on' for her own reasons - either way, this is not likely to help you move on one tiny bit.


Imagine your healing process like a wound which is mending in its own time and in its own way. Going through all this with the room-mate is like pulling that scab off.


If there's nobody with whom you'd want to share your feelings in real life, keep posting on here; but don't get involved with your ex-at-one-remove, which is what your situation is at the moment.


As for how you react to your ex at work: pleasant and polite. Whatever she's doing in her life is none of your business, and there WILL come a time when you won't care any more.


Good luck!

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I wont call her roommate, to me, i think thats trouble. If i see her around, than thats fine to have a conversation together.


I'm just surprised that her really really close friend, let some secrets out to me....


I guess her room mate cares about me, and my feelings...

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