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He is 16 years older than me

Little Pixie

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I have just started dating a man who is 40..I am 24... I havent told my mother yet and to be honest I dont know how to.


The guy I am dating took me out one night and my mother had no problem until I started hanging around with him more. She started asking questions like "why does a man that age want to hang around with a girl your age"...The thing is, my mum used to be with a guy who was 16 years younger than her. She was with him about 4 years! There was no problem then.


I brought that up and she said it was different. The guy is really nice. I am a single mum and he is a single dad so he knows what it means to be a parent, unlike a lot of guys my own age. We are also both punks so we ahve loads in common.


I dont know what to do really. My friends are all supportive. They seen what I went through with my last bf who was 6 years younger then me and agree that an older man would be more mature and understanding.


I need some advise. If I told my mum and she was angry about it she would be very difficult and refuse to baby sit my son etc just to stop me from seeing this guy. I mean, he dont mind taking my son and I out for the day but we obviously need time to ourselves...

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There are always consequences when you follow your heart. Some good and some bad. You need to sit your mother down and have a heart to heart with her. Your an adult and can make your own decisions and if she can't understand that I would say it's her loss. Hopefully she'll come around. Best of luck.

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My mum is not the easiest person to talk to. I have never been able to talk to her. Although I think I may have to as I really quite like this guy. I mean, my mum shouldnt have a prob as her last bf was way younger than her.


She also had a huge crush on a guy a year younger then myself..that would be a 26year age gap!!

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