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Update - the Hope continues ...

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Ok - an update for the ENA community. At the end of the month I will be 5 months NC. I was crucified, descended into Hell and am at some point in my ascension. Your guess is as good as mine. I burned, I bled, I cried, I drank (and drank some more) - well you guys get the picture - but I did not break NC. And I did some very hard work on myself. It was pattern interruption time and I went there. It almost killed me.


Anyway, I reconnected last week with a woman who was always of interest but either in another country or one of us was in a relationship. I have had zero interest in women despite the many good intentioned efforts of friends. When I saw her and hugged her that all changed and something came back alive that I thought my ex had extinguished forever.


I am 4 dates in and I am doing nothing but tell the truth and be completely authentic which would have been impossible before my ex fire-bombed my soul because I did not know who the F*** I was anymore. I would never have believed I would be writing this post 2 months ago. There is hope and we'll all get there - but we will all be better people for the hell of being dumped. Nomistae.

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