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Dreams are annoying

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Man, I hate those dreams that are just realistic enough for you to think you're awake. But there's always something a little off, maybe even a little creepy about it all, and your realize that you were fooled and you are actually still dreaming. Then you become so annoyed that you try to wake yourself up, but it doesn't work! So then you try to get someone else to wake you up, but that doesn't work because your voice becomes muffled and they can't understand you. Not to mention that they aren't actually part of the higher plane of consciousness so they can't help you wake up anyway.


But the most annoying part is when you wake up, only to realize later that you were duped again and you're stilll dreaming.


Fortunately I did wake up eventually as you can see. But this is why being in a coma is on my top 20 list of fears. Because then I literally will not be able to escape from that dream if it happens.



Other types of annoying dreams are naturally the body horror ones or ones with lots of insects.


But even the sexy dreams are annoying because either A.) That girl that likes you in your dream? Yeah, she doesn't exist in real life. or B.) She is someone you know from real life, and you thought maybe she had a turn around and started liking you, then you wake up and realize, oh no, it was only the dream, she still dislikes you.


In a similar vein are those dreams where you move into some fancy condo or something, then you wake up and you're still at your parent's house.


So, umm, discuss annoying dreams!

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i used to try and fly to get away from this dark figure. he'd always grab my foot and pull me back down. i'd always wake up breathing really hard. i finally controlled that dream, kicked him in the face and flew around for the rest of the dream. it was amazing.


i think the figure was my sperm donor (father) - no not from a sperm bank.

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I used to know what you mean, but then... I've done what ghost has done and controlled dreams before too, fun stuff...


dream are just dreams, don't read into them too much...


If anyone ever says they had a dream about me, I always stop them and say "I'm not responsible for dream-DTZ and his actions."

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For as long as I can remember... I always have this dream where Im in the middle of this huge group of people, and everyone is walking around as am I, only Im walking around on my knees.. and no one even notices me, and im not ever sure if i like it or not... so I get up off my knees and then all of the sudden Im like 10 feet tall and everyone is staring at me and I feel extremely uncomfortable, and no one will stop staring and whispering thus I get back on my knees and continue my journey alone and unnoticed and i feel a whole lot better!!

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When I was a child I had a reoccurring dream of being in this fog that was difficult to see through and I had to tilt my head sideways and squint to see anything at all. It was highly annoying but it stopped a long time ago.


Now the only annoying dreams I have are when I'm doing something enjoyable (not necessarily sex) and then I wake up and I'm dissappointed.

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