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What do you get a boyfriend for christmas when you have no money?

scared and alone

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As long as he isn't expecting anything because of your financial situation, have fun with it.


Bake him something, or like I've recommended before to someone else..put together a stocking of little things. A few smaller price tag items that he can unwrap, even if its a burned CD, some homemade candy, a photoalbum of all your pictures.

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As a man myself, I think that the fulfillment of sexual desires would be more well received than anything that money could by.


Money doesn't buy happiness, but sex does.


Haha yes.

There's two definite ways to a man's heart..through his pants and through his stomach.


Either option, or BOTH..and you'll find yourself with a happy man!

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My bf and I have sex all the time, so that wouldn't be a great present for him. I am broke this holiday season because of unforeseen vet bills for one of my kitties. I am baking him cookies and buying him a cheap video online of one of his favorite shows. Plus, I'll be here for next Christmas, too. With all these breakups I read about here, I know we have been lucky to have been together for almost ten years. I think that says something.

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Wear those little Bows they put on presents with a Santa hat. That should do.



Yes, those bows can be strategically placed to cover two chest points and between the legs (but make sure you have shaved down below!)....and since those bows have a tendency to fall off presents, it would add new meaning to the term "wardrobe malfunction".

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I am getting him one thing I know for sure and everything else he wants is mostly expensive. I am also unemployed so I have like, no money. I have no clue what to get. ](*,)

What I would do is send him on a random scaventre hunt for a an hour to desiered length of time and make him return to your place and have candles lit and give him a good time. OR you can just make him come over to see a movie and whisper sweet nothings into his ear. Just think romantic.

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