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"Give it time, just let things happen"


I think it means that we have to learn to be more patient. Either with ourselves or with other people. And it is not restricted to relationships either.


Often we want too much too fast. We are so excited (or afraid) of a certain outcome, that we get anxious about reaching the goal immediately. Since we are insecure about the outcome and we often feel powerless, we start feeling this pressure inside that we have to do something, instead of taking a step back and taking a deep breath. We are tempted to do everything that jumps into our heads right on the spot, regardless if it makes sense or not.


But things tend to have some natural time order (albeit time being relative).


So we have to learn to recognize if we are doing something motivated by insecurity and anxiety, and if yes, we have to teach ourselves how to calm down and look at the situation with a different perspective and with a bit of distance.

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It means don't rush things, let things evolve naturally over time. Too many people want instant relationship and just rush everything...then it all craps out because it was too rushed.....before two people really get to know each other they are spending days and days together, having sex immediately, moving in together within 3 months etc...then it all comes crashing down when the infatuation period ends and the real person becomes more apparent. Giving it time and letting things happen means that you learn more about the person over time rather than rushing to do and experience everything together all in one go. It is about savouring the time together and then having time alone to reflect on the person.

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