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Friendship Gift Advice Needed


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This is for my best friend - Sunny, who is a single mother who lives at home and though works full time is barely making it financially


Sunny has an old friend JG from high school, used to be very very close but had a falling out 4-5 years ago and recently have begun hanging out again. Both have little girls. Well JG just mentioned to to Sunny that she has a xmas present for Sunny's little girl. Sunny doesn't have the money or inclination to get JGs little girl a gift.


What should she do?


My immediate reaction is to smile courteously and say thank you without a return gift, but there is also a little girl involved and this is a relationship that is in a mending type phase. And I can't imagine how akward that would be unless put just so (and I don't know how that just so is!!)


Any advice would be appreciated!

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25th that would be really sweet of me, but there are multiple issues with that.


1) I live 2,000 miles away and can't even get myself to send my BF a gift

2) I really really really dislike JG and have for over 10 years

3) My rule this year is if I don't see you on Xmas day, you don't get a gift

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