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Should I dump her after this trick during sex?


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Cyberdog--- They cut the piece in the middle out and then they burn both of the ends so they don't spontaniously grow back together.....


It's possible...... but it'd be more likely to win the lottery six times in one day and for them to overthrow the government and make you our new leader.


You just still have to be careful of std's. But the procedure is totally worth your while if your serious about not havind kids.

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Honestly, then what is the point of having a girlfriend ?


I think you probably have to dump her unless you want kids right now. If she is willing to trick you into having kids then she is going to force you to support them. You'll become her slave. This is the number one reason why women are dangerous.


In regards to children society has decided that the man should be at the woman's mercy, we basically have no rights. I'd keep well away from her.


Your first comment equates to sex being what a relationship is about, it's a misguided and flawed view that's more akin to immaturity than anything else. Sex can be an important part of a relationship but it is not the crux nor the end all/be all in a healthy relationship.


Women aren't dangerous as a whole, get over yourself. He dumped her for the betrayal and lying, not out of some fear.


Men do have rights when it comes to children but if the child is born he is obligated to support the child in some sort of tandem with the mother because they both created life and owe it to that life to raise it as best they can. It's not a matter of being forced/oppressed, it's a matter of responsibility and if you aren't prepared for having a child (nor a plan b (pill, adoption, or abortion) then you should reconsider whether or not you're prepared to have sex.

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I would likely ditch her. I don't think i could ever have sex with her again without wondering if she is tampering with things again.


She isnt the type of person i would trust. Trapping someone into having a child when they said already they didn't want one biologically is aobut the nastiest thing a person can do in a relationship. I put this act up there with cheating...it is pretty serious. IF she got pregnant it is no way shape or form is the same as someone who truly got pregnant despite taking strong precautions...anyone can get pregnant if they are having sex, and yes, it is a risk everyone should know they are taking, but her act of ruthlessness is what is very alarming, and downright disturbing. Disgusting actually.


She is either extremely juvenile or very ruthless, or both. And that is a scary combination. This is a woman that will go to any lengths to get her way. I'd show her the door and be very clear about WHY i am doing it.

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Hello again. Well I guess you all deserve an update on what's going on. Not last weekend but the one before (Jan 4) she contacted me and asked what I wanted her to do with the gifts I gave her. I don't take back gifts I give, but she said she was going to trash them otherwise, so I said I'd pick them up (some of the stuff was a little expensive).


Anyway I went to pick them up and there was another person there and I think she may have a b/f. I could tell there was a little bit of tension between it all so just a gut feeling I got. I'm actually doing great though and quite happy she is not pregnant

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Wow, that's horrible.


I'd break up with her or stop having sex.


Never rely on her for condoms (she could put needles through them) or pills.


Don't leave her with the used condoms too as I have heard of women that use them to fertilize themselves.


We broke up about a month ago, basically after she did that.

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