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am i depressed???


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Hi just wondering if im suffering from depression or not. Its just lately i have been feeling quite down. In august this year i was having alot of problems in my relationship and that caused me to walk out of my job. Since then i have just split up with my b/f of 3years so im down because of that because i used to spend alot of time with him on the phone and together now i dont have that, im still out of work, and i just dont do anything with myself at all. I have no interest in anything. I go out some weekends with friends but i dont really enjoy myself. When i take the kids to school and come home all i do is just is lie down, sleep or just stay in. I stay that way until the kids come home and then in all night. My friends have all their own lives wth their partners and they are all doing stuff and are happy i just feel on my own and fed up. ](*,)

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No one on here can tell you if you're depressed or not. If you're feeling this bad, I think you should definitely talk to your doctor and see what they recommend (whether it be meds or a change in lifestyle).


Are you eating healthy? Exercising? Those are 2 key things for keeping good mental health.

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