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We bumped into each other, then he messaged me.


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Hey everyone,


My boyfriend broke up with my last Thursday and today was the first time we've contacted each other since. This is my first real relationship. He was never disrespectful or mean, he never took advantage - just didn't make a whole lot of effort in the last two weeks to contact me. It might be worthwhile to note that we're both in university and exams started roughly 3 weeks ago. We both finished our last exam today - and I'm headed home tomorrow morning, a plane-ride away from now until the 7th. That's 3 weeks.


I don't think either of us planned to break up...at this point. We're very different people, but there is affection there. Problem was, we didn't have much to talk about. When I brought it up, in a very disjointed way (because I hadn't worked out how to say it in advance) - we somehow ended on the conclusion that our lack of conversation was reason to break up! I brought it up meaning to figure a way to work it out! Anyway, I knew the problem existed and I suppose it takes two. So we mutually agreed to break up amicably.


We didn't see/hear from each other until today. Turned out that we were writing our exams in the same building in the same time. I had got to the place early and was sitting there with my headphones, notes and a coffee. When I looked up, I saw him striding past me! I didn't want to be immature or awkward, so I called out his name and we made smalltalk for a bit. Then, I didn't want to line up with him to go into my exam (it was the same entrance) so I made up a lie that I had to go to the washroom and wished him good luck and joined the line later. Then, when I was in the line - another male friend of mine joined the line with me and we were talking about the exam we were both about to take. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my ex watching us.


Regardless, although it roamed my mind for a bit - I didn't think I'd see/hear from him again. Then he messaged me tonight, asking how my exam went. We proceeded to have a very monotonous msn conversation. My only question is: Does him contacting me have ANYTHING to do with him wanting me back? Would I be crazy to take him back? If we didn't have anything to talk about when we were in the same place, how are we supposed to do that with me being away for 3 weeks? Furthermore, if I leave it for the next 3 weeks - will all bets be off when I get back? Will the "window of opportunity" be closed?

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Yes. I can't help thinking about him really often - like every few hours. I wish he'd contact me more. He's online now and has yet to say hi ever since I arrived home two days ago - I've seen him online twice. I want to give it another shot - I know we had problems communicating, but we never even TRIED to sort it out before we broke up.


My roommates told me to just accept the fact that it's over and we're not going to get together again. I know that's the most likely outcome - and he was thinking about breaking up for two weeks. Part of me doesn't think it was that bad - that it was retrievable. I guess it could be wishful thinking...but I want him back so bad.

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If there's anything I'm positive of, is that he was faithful to me. He told his parents about me, he introduced his brother to me. I met his a good bunch of his friends and introduced me to all of them as his girlfriend. There's no way he could have done all that if he had someone else. There was no other romantic interest in his life that I know/knew of.


Now, I don't know. It scares me to think he could have replaced me already or that he could look at someone else the same way he looked at me. I feel like I would have a heart attack.

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