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In an effort to save money and diversify my diet, I've decided to start eating more beans. This past week I bought a bunch of different bags of beans from the store to test them out- yankee beans, northern beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, etc.


Today I made a crock of traditional Boston baked beans with molasses, and while it was probably the most incredibly delicious, filling thing I've eaten in months, it was WAY too much work for the work week. It took me like 5 hours to make and after sharing it with my roommates I don't have any left for tomorrow!


So, does anybody have any good bean recipes that don't take forever? (I don't mind soaking them overnight, it's just I don't usually have more than an hour for dinner).


Also, what are some good things to do with chickpeas besides hummus?

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make burgers. make them on a weekend and freeze them.


you can make bean currys soak over night then it takes minimal time to cook up!


Bean burger? That sounds awful. How does that work? How does one make a bean curry?


I don't know much about beans, cooking them or otherwise, but if you like them so much I do advise beano. Please do us that favor.


LOL. Thanks snowman. Actually, my love life has kind of been in the toilet lately, so I don't have much to lose.

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