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In a bit of a dilemma


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Hi first time poster, Well I work with a young women that I'm attracted to and that I would like to date but here is where my dilemma comes in We've been talking now for about 2 or 3 months but I'm a afraid to ask her out because I don't know If she recripocrates the same feelings as myself and maybe just may see me as just a friend. Lately I've been taking her home from work (work at the same job) talking and lately shes told me about her past relationship with a fellow who is entering the military that she has kept as a friend ever since they broke up. But I started to think here's my shot at getting my first relationship but im scared to ask her out because she may not feel the same way and may break the friendship we've had and its work. What da heck should I do? Should I ask her out and see if it works out or should i go the friend route and ask a friend of hers if she can find out where she is emotionally towards me.](*,)](*,)

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Only if your immature and irrational. I don't see why a man and woman could not get along after a failed relationship if they are decent human beings.


I say go for it.


Most relationships don't end on good terms...if you notice this forum you will see that to be true...but, in these days most jobs frown on it and sexual harassment is a big factor too...but if that is what a person wants to do then GO FOR IT!


He asked for opinions and that is mine!!!

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Try to start of slow instead of startling her by asking her out. Why not asking her if she wants to goto dinner after work. Or even a movie. That way, she'll be able to pick up on the fact that your making an effort to spend time with her. Equally if she's not interested you won't be shot down as hard. But remember, whatever you decide to do won't be the end of the world. The only way we can learn is by trying.

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