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Wow..just wow.


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Ok, so for those who don't know the back story for my relationship, its right here. It explains a lot of what I'm about to go into.


So after this happened. I went no contact for a little over a week before she sent me a message and a letter both in this thread.


Now, she avoided me during plans to meet up again after meeting up 2 sundays ago and having a somewhat good time together for the hour we hung out. She asked other people what I've been up to and what I'm doing while ignoring my texts and calls when we were supposed to hang out on her days off.


Last friday me and a friend ran into her baby sitting next door right when she was leaving, so we hung out for about 2 hours. It went pretty well, and she was being all emotional, grabbing a letter/poem I wrote her and holding it close to her out of nowhere. It went pretty well, but she was definitely acting strange.


So, I told her I need to meet up with her and talk about some * * * * and get it off my chest just 2 days ago on Sunday. As soon as I got in the car she was touching my face trying to warm me up since I walked there in the snow. I told her what I wanted to tell her, we ended up talking about a bit. Ended up laying in her car listening to music, kinda cuddling, relaxing, almost fell asleep before her mom called and I had to leave because she was on the way.


We texted after that, both of us saying how nice, relaxing, and peaceful it was. And we had agreed to hang out on Thursday since it was her next day off. We talked a bit yesterday. So I went down to her work today to talk to her about what we were going to do on Thursday. The manager sends two workers out to tell me to leave or they'll have to call the cops on me, and will if I come back.


You're * * * * ing kidding me right? So I call and text her asking what the hell is up. And I quote what she said. "It's fine, they just don't want silicitors/loiterin" Bull * * * * because I've always went to wait for her before and they've always liked me. Then I tell her no, they asked if I was her ex and then told me to leave. She says "It's fine. Just don't come here anymore."


Are you * * * * ing serious? I told her I've done nothing to deserve this and it had me really shaken up. I told her I just went to talk about our plans about what we were going to do since we both agreed to hang out Thursday and see if she wanted to talk real quick after work. She said she can't and that she's not in the mood to talk, not in a good mood at all. I said it's NOT FINE that I'd been threatened to have the cops called on me, that would ruin my life if I got arrested. She has said nothing to me about it. She doesn't give a * * * * . She has completely lost it in her bipolar disease. WOW.


I gave her everything in me, heart, mind, body, and soul. And she has completely gone off the deep end. The girl I fell in love and spent two years of my life with, my fiancee, my first love, first real kiss, lost our virginity to each other, and made so many plans for the future, talked about children names, were going to have everything together, that girl is not here anymore. It's like she died. This is the worst * * * * I've ever experienced by far.

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I've talked about it recently, told her a bunch of things I know and what she needs to do. Her reply was in a text. "THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY BIPOLAR! GOD DAMNIT!"


Talking to them about their bipolar in a negative way or positive way is useless. They won't get help unless they see it for what it is, and she obviously doesn't. She's seen different psychs about it and tried different pills but never sticks to it. She won't get help because she thinks she is perfectly fine. What she's done to me is NOT FINE. Nothing she's been doing the last 3 weeks has been fine. None of it.

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