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Online sites for Age 60+


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So my mom has actually asked me about Myspace. Lol kinda took me back but I think she wants to meet new friends or possibly find a boyfriend. Fine with me. I didn't even ask many question to make sure I didn't scare her off. Anyone know a good site for her? She is in her early 60's. I didn't think Myspace would be good. Maybe Facebook but I don't know much about that site.

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Even though Myspace and facebook are mainly for teens/early 20's there are plenty of people in their 50's and up who have it. It's a good way to keep in touch with friends and family of all ages!


For looking for a friend or boyfriend though, i'd suggest any of the common dating sites like link removed. I'm pretty sure most of them have a section for just friends too.


There is also link removed, if she has any interests and would like to join any clubs or groups and she could meet a lot of people and get out and enjoy herself.

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My parents are in their sixties and I don't think of them as 'seniors'. i think that she could try out some of the dating sites, maybe a free one like plenty of fish of lavalife where she doesn't have to pay to join. Then she can see what its like, especially if she hasn't used social networking or dating sites

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Some sites I know of is link removed, link removed and link removed, for people over 40. (Not sure why they consider being in your 40s 'senior'.) Otherwise, she should try the regular well-known dating/personals sites for friendship or more.


My mom is in her early 60s too. A few months ago my dad died, whom she didn't really have a good relationship with. She probably wouldn't be interested in dating or getting married again, but I guess she wouldn't mind finding friends.

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