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New years resolutions

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So, 2008 is nearly over, a year which has easily been the worst of my 26 years so far...


I've decided to make some serious new years resolutions. I am fully aware that i am not over my ex. I met someone recently, which was great but it doesn't appear to be going anywhere, and in a way has added to my feeling of rejection and my unloveability.


But at least i got back out there and made strides to move forward. I am feeling i am getting over my ex, but am a long way from getting over the pain, rejection and heartbreak of her breaking up with me.


New years resolutions....


1. Become happy with me, become comfortable in my own skin.

2. Love myself, value myself as a human being who is capable of being loved.

3. Stop relying on other people to make me happy. Stop attaching to myself to people in an attempt to cover over my own issues.

4. Realise i am who i am and i will love again. I will be happy again.



What are yours? I want us all who are hurting this xmas period to go into 2009 with a fresh start....

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Well. I think codependency ususally stems from being in an unhealthy unbalanced relationship or having inseucurity issues.


My relationship with my two exes I was co dependent on were generalyl unhealthy with them both being quite horrible and nasty, the more insecure i felt in the relationship the more codependent I ended up being.


The relationship Im in now. It is balanced, we dont rely on eachother completely. Seeing eachother is a joy not a necessity


when your with the right person you dont feel insecure and unhappy you just feel happy in yourself and ok to be by yourself.

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This is what i need to learn. That it is actually ok to be by myself. When i'm alone, i can never get comfortable and feel the need to reach out to someone to validate myself or something.


It's something i need to do for myself. I will try my best. I'm pleased for you that you managed to work it out for yourself. Kudos!

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I thought 2007 was a bad year, but 2008 has topped it for me. Awful, awful year. My resolution is just to keep on keeping on and hopefully things will start to fall into place in 2009.



That's all any of us can do sadoldman. Keep on keeping on!


We are only here once so it's imperative we dont waste it wallowing in self pity. I hope 2009 is better for you my friend.

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Whats that saying?


We enter the world alone and we leave alone? Or something


I dont mind being single at all. I think its nice to have time by yourself, to grow, learn and find yourself.


Know that you are a great person and you will find happiness as long as you keep positive.


I mean the only person you can rely on completely in life is YOU.

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Indeed it is.


The thing is, i'm single right now, and that's fine. Nothing wrong with it. I just wanna get to a place where in my own head i'm ok with it ya know.


Hey I hear that it takes time it seems. I've been happy single before and I'm happy single now. It is tough getting out of a serious relationship to appreciate the situation your in but with time it gets easier. Main thing I've tried to do is be happy with where I am.


If I'm in a relationship and in love I'll be happy where I am. If I'm single I'm going to be happy being single. In both of these situations you can do things to improve upon your happiness.


The opposite of that would be grass is always greener or want what you don't have. If your in a relationship you'd rather be single and it'd be better. If your single, like you are now, you'd be better off if you were with someone. Honestly it may be possible but I don't think you can achieve true happiness that way. GL sounds like it's gonna be your year either way.

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My resolution is simple: start working out. Do what I can to better myself - not just muscles, but everything - like attitude, knowledge, etc. This will eventually make myself more confident, and more happy with myself.


I figure if I'm more confident and happy with myself, that will spill out into everything I do and everyone I'm around, and my life will improve substantially.

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My plan is to go into 2009 with a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eye. There is fun to be had when you are single and I look forward to blowing off some steam for a while. Not having to answer to anyone is just what I need!


I'm looking forward to complete independence and being happy standing on my own. If I can't find happiness by being on my own then there is no point me being with someone else.


2009 is my year!

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