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Anyone ever fall for a woman/man who had just come out of a relationship???


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Sometimes, people get lucky. Usually, the person won't have processed the end of their relationship yet, and if that's the case then it's likely doomed to fail unfortunately. However, since all relationships are iffy and precarious at first, you just have to decide if the risk is worth it on your end.

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well when i met my boyfriend he was four months out of a 3.5 year relationship in which they were engaged but ultimately realized they werent right for eachother.


i never pursued a relationship with him, wasnt looking for it but he pursued me and asked to be exclusive. still together a year later now.


i wouldnt say my case is the norm though, just turned out that way.

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yeah..Ive recently wrote a few posts about a guy I dated a few weeks that was still really messed up over a break up...Very bad timing...It makes me really sad that it couldnt work out and that i couldnt be enough to pull him out of it..Instead I wonder if I made him miss his ex more..I know he really liked me, but his heart was still with her..I could tell...I didnt want to see where it was headed, as he started to pull away slightly and I broke it off..Sometimes I wish I was more patient..But I think now, I did what was best and have to move on and let him live his life and I live mine...I still hope that some day he would be over her and still want to try again..But maybe I just wasnt right for him...Cant read minds and cant predict the future......

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