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Friend/co-worker's Xmas gift over gf gift


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I think wallets, watches and cologne are 'gilfriendy' gifts


I feel the same way! I once got angry with my ex when he bought a friend designer perfume, because I felt that certain gifts are just girlfriend/boyfriend-y. When that happened, I found out that many people don't agree.


As someone also mentioned, I am also curious about the price factor. Was it an expensive wallet? If so, why are they swapping such pricey gifts?


I think the bottom line is, he could've laughed it off and kept both. Even if he liked her zippered one, he could have used that for a while and then switched off when it was getting worn out.


OP, I wouldn't confront him, but if it does come up it's okay to sheepishly admit that it hurt your feelings and confused you because he had picked out the one you got him!


All things considered, I wouldn't take this for more than it is (a coincidence) unless there are other signs that they're too friendly.

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