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Rude people


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If people speak to me in that manner I refuse to treat them and tell them to make their own way to hospital. It's not in my job description to be spoken to like I'm a piece of dirt. I'm sure it isn't in yours either.


As for people serving you being rude....they're providing a service and if they don't provide it properly you have every right to complain.


Yeah if anyones rude to me again im complaining. Infact the bus driver nearly refused to let me on the bus for not having the exact change today. When all it is says is 'We dont have change for 20 or ten pound notes'

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I work in retail and I work with people who are rude to customers 24/7. It's amazing how many people put up with it! But, I refuse to work that way because that's not the kind of person I am. Anyway, I commend you for being nice to rude people anyway, because a smile can go a long way. I went out to a a restaurant with friends once, and our waiter was really rude. My friend, however, was really nice and friendly to this waiter and I quickly joined in with her ~ by the end of the night, the waiter's attitude had completely changed to friendly as well. So you never know who you're going to affect in a positive way!


But in those fast moments where you don't really have time to react, yeah, some people need anger management classes! I was once trying to leave a restaurant and this woman was waiting in line to get into the restaurant. Well I had no way to go but around her, and she wasn't even moving to give me any room, so I said 'excuse me' and tried to slowly squeeze myself around, and she put her hands on my shoulders and push me hard, out of the way, and said 'excuse you!' I had no reaction... I was completely shocked and speechless! No one's ever been physical with me before. I'll definitely try to find an alternate route if I ever end up in that situation again!

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Where I live people are generally nice and polite or, at least, nice in front of you.


I work as an operating room / recovery room nurse - so i'm not so much subject to rudeness as much as ward nurses do. That's one thing I love about my work, people actually thank you for looking after them, well most of them anyway.


But we do get the odd disgruntled patient / family member. I seldom let the rude comment get into me because most of the time it just comes out of fear or frustration. Sometimes I don't even realise that they're already being rude, not until a colleague of mine actually tells me. That's a good thing I think.

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It's funny, my father in law is American and he goes back to the states at least twice a year. Anyway he was telling me that Kosco (sp?) is coming here and telling me about the concept of the store. I said that sounds great and he replied "I hope they don't bring the American shopping mentality with it"....I have heard the stories and it sounds a lot more restrained here.


Oh you mean Costco...and they have these huge shopping carts and run around this big warehouse like loonies running over your feet...pushing and shoving...Never come to SF...it's the rudest city ever!!

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This is the second time you said something nasty and yes rude about Americans....don't stereotype all of us...there is good and bad everywhere...whenever there is a crisis where do other countries come running to for help??


I never said all Americans and I never said they were rude. If you read my post it was in reference to the suggestion that Australians tend to be more polite because of the concept of a 'fair go'.

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I never said all Americans and I never said they were rude. If you read my post it was in reference to the suggestion that Australians tend to be more polite because of the concept of a 'fair go'.


I am referring to another post your wrote on another thread...anyway I would love to come visit your country...I am sure it's beautiful.

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For me 99% nice and polite. But you do get the odd inconsiderate person or you just catch a person on the wrong day. Australians generally have what we call a "fair go" mentality. They tend to respect other people's space and their place in the queue.




I LOVE Australians. I'm sometimes tempted to move from East Coast USA to Sydney.


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I experience this stuff sometimes. Sometimes.


I've been experiencing a lot of rudeness and short tempered ppl at my job (insurance company) though. Lots of times people are angry and want stuff done asap even if it's not my fault if it's not possible.

I even got yelled at 2-3 times on my b'day. Jeez.


In my life people are usually nice. I feel I am too.

I recall some being rude (cashiers, etc). My bf always laughs (in a joking way) b/c I somehow always seem to get snubbed or treated rudely by the cashier or someone else when he's around. (It's a running joke now though).

The other day I went to a drive thru and the lady was soooo rude. I just asked her what options I had for side-orders and she kept rolling her eyes at me and looking at me like I'm stupid.

I just vent to my bf in a joking manner and don't think too much of it. (e.g. "jeez what's wrong with these workers.. why do i always get the ones on a bad day


I make an effort to be nice. But if I see someone is being rude I'll give them a serious expression and hopefully they get the hint that I'm not someone they can just push around.

Other then that I hold open doors for people, and say good afternoon.


Honestly, I find that in big places like the UK (when I visit there anyways, and specially in London) SOME women are very snappy (while you do get some who are also polite of course) and always ready to go off on people. When I was at a Tesco's once, I remember waiting in the isle and some woman just went off on a guy. I think by mistake he touched her with his grocery cart and she was yelling at him, calling him "thick"/stupid and telling him to "bloody watch where he was going" and to "grow up and act like a man" when he tried to explain himself..

I have a nother female cousin who lives there who is also very much eh... "outspoken" and always ready to have a go at people. I think the more you live around people like this, the more it has a chance of rubbing off sadly.. You need to keep up or else they just take over and have goes at you.

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