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What emotions do you find sexy?


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Do you know the German racing driver Michael Schumacher. He seems very dull, staid and not handsome or attractive. Then during one race another driver deliberately cut him off in an illegal manouver. We say Schumacher go back to his garage get out of his car and stalk angrily over to the other driver's pit to give out to him. He looked so angry that to my shock I found him very attractive for that moment in time.

I was wondering do other women find flashes of temper by normally cool en attractive? Are there other emotions that women find sexy in men and of course what emotions do men find sexy in women?

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I agree...its more that Micheal wasn't about to take gruff from someone...that's totally sexy. It means that he feels passionately about things that are important to him. And i think every girl just wants to feel that a man feels that way about her.


I also find compassion sexy...when we see an old man/woman struggling with bags or something and a man helps them...that's huge. Course, i try not to think of things like this b/c i know those men are so few and far between that i'll just get frustrated that i can't find one!

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I love wit as well. I remember working in the library at college. I had to train in the new guy and I was seriously hungover. I was stcking science books and made some comment about recreating the Manhattan skyline and he made a witty comeback. Suddenly i looked up and though we had been working 4 hrs together it was only then I saw him.

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