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Erection problems


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Alright im 18 years old, attending university, and iv been sexually active since like junior high.

Iv always had a huge sex drive,and iv been one to masterbate once a day maybe even more than once a day =/.


However iv always noticed, that when i have a girlfriend etc, that alot of times i find it hard to get erects, and or Stay erect. Its not condoms because iv had sex plenty of time without them and resulting in the same.


I tend to get soft during sex alot of time i can never understand why.


iv had probably about 16 different sexual partners and its happened with almost all atleast once.


Now i currently have a new girlfriend and the only time we were doing something sexual i couldnt get hard, and she is a virgin and is already intimiated greatly by my experiance. (I know shes going to end up thinking its her fault when its not)


What could be causes of this?

unforntually its not stress, im in unviersity but i maintain a 3.8 gpa without any work etc. Im on anti-depressents however, that doesn't seem to effect it at all cause if been on and off before.


Iv done Drugs in my life, From excessive amounts of cocaine, to esctasty, acid, Speed, marijuana, etc. however as of now i only do Marijuana occasionally.


I still however masterbate daily, and yes i even have trouble maintaining it fully somtimes during masturbation =/. however it always stays someone erect.

Im trying to find out exactly what would be the reason for this and how i could improve. Im sick of having the whole im tired excuse etc, cause i know its bull * * * *

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maybe your masturbating too much? Do you have any nervousness before sex or even during. insecurities about preforming good enough? all of these can play a role.


Even for me, sometimes when i dont feel completely comfortable around someone yet, i may have the same problem. Try masturbating only a couple times a week. You have a girlfriend now, you shouldnt have to masturbate.

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maybe your masturbating too much? Do you have any nervousness before sex or even during. insecurities about preforming good enough? all of these can play a role.


Even for me, sometimes when i dont feel completely comfortable around someone yet, i may have the same problem. Try masturbating only a couple times a week. You have a girlfriend now, you shouldnt have to masturbate.


Could masterbation be a effect.


I mean come on now, Masturbation Releases Endorphins + serotonin + dopemein.

Who does'nt enjoy surges of our own bodys homemade, morphine


Im not really insecure except about the fact of tripping out over that i cant get hard. =/



I don't need to masturebate it just feels decent so why not.

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Ordinarily, I would say, if you have no problem getting an erection and you masturbate daily, I suspect the problem is performance anxiety. But you are saying you can't get fully erect, even during masturbation. I think it's time to visit the doc, as that should not be happening at your age.


Also, some drugs can affect getting an erection, so go off any drugs first and then see what happens. However, don't go off your anti-depressants without talking to your doctor -- it's well-known that many anti-depressants kill the libido, but it sounds as though you are having a problem staying hard. And if you are on anti-depressants, you definitely should talk to your doc before going off them, no exceptions.


I mean it could be a circulation problem or something else, but you never know... Stay off illegal drugs, take your meds -- and if it persists, talk to a doc about it, ok?

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Sounds like it may just be nerves or stress of the moment.


BUT... why not consult your doctor? There could be underlying medical issues here; circulation, vascular, hormones, blood pressure, etc… Yeah… it would be embarrassing to talk to my doctor for me too but what’s worse than a limp biscuit? Do yourself a favor, get a check up and mention it to your doctor. You’ll be pounding nails in no time.

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Sorry to post again, but what I most homed in on was his not staying hard even during masturbation. That is not just being nervous. I think he should quit any recreational drugs and see if there is a difference, as some (like pot) can cause this problem. If no change, he should see a doctor.

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That is what I said, except I don't think he should go off his meds unless under the care of his physician. We don't know why he is taking anti-depressants -- might be for a very good reason.


I have not heard of an anti-depressant that kills erections, however, only that they kill desire. The plumbing usually works, the desire is no longer there. There are ways to deal with that. But, however, not being able to gain or maintain an erection is a different story.

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Sorry -- I misunderstood and as always I had to clarify (I do that.. ALOT!). I do think he should stop all drug use other than his prescribed meds, as it is known that certain illegal drugs can cause erection problems.


So, basically, we are in agreement...

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Alright i'll go into a bit more detail.

The whole Masterbation thing iv never really lost it when masterbating cause i can finish before i really lose it, so i honestly probably just misinterpuretted.


Anti-depressents also don't effect erections they effect ability to orgasm and overall libido.


Ya I did do alot of illegal drugs etc, mostly cause of my curiosity. The only reason im going for medical school is to learn more, and i did them to fully experiance what i was learning about.

I no longer do them simply because i'd rather not become addicted to them,and gain negative side effects.


Iv had it for a while and looked at a varity of issues. And most have came up to be the fact it must be psychological.



( Iv Never touched a cigarette in my life and don't plan too)


I drink maybe once a month on occasion.



Im never really stressed over sex, i never really care. im pretty confident the girl doesn't care, and im just having a blast. It just seems to happen when its a girlfriend, but it happens often, and its starting to annoy me which only makes the matter worse.


(On top of all of this I have OCD, and ADHD, And extreme ocd at that.)

So That defintaly doesn't help the whole "Keep your mind off it"

Cause its not as easy as you think.


I havn't Touched any drug in the last 2 months other than A bit of Speed, like once or twice.


and as of the most recent incident, they would'nt be in my system due to the half-life of Methantempine.


Im only 18 so i know im at a very young age for ED aswell as other things, however im wondering what could be some psycholoigical methods to work through this.


(Im actually doing psychitry in school, so i understand alot of how the brain works.)

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just go to the doc. you may not be having good blood flow down there. Years ago i was having the same issue so i went to the doc and turned out one of the tubes that helps circulate blood flow was in a knot some how. The docs wanted to do surgery but i told them ill just work through it and if there were any natural supplements that would helped. Yohimbe is a herbal supplement that helps with blood flow but it could raise blood pressure too. Vitamine b12 helps promote healthy circulation and ive also heard of a natural supplement called red rooster. never tried it but heard about it. check into these things. I think it may be half mental and possibly half a condition. Your obviously worrying or bugged about it otherwise you wouldnt be posting so that there is not helping.

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what do you mean how strong my forearms are?

They arn't like retartedly jacked.


I used to play national Rugby, and i'd have to train every day, but i only do like pushups and stuff now, so i would'nt say they are any more in shape than an avg person.



as with the blood flow circulation.


I never really used to have the problem, and i don't have it when masterbating like ever. Maybe every now and then, i donno its almost as if im just like not interested and im forcing myself to do it, but i am intersted.


its retarted i donno.

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