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Is me Ex-girlfired playing games?

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Ok, Heres the scoop. We broke up 6 months ago... we went out for almost 2 years. I was 18 when we started and she was 16... It was a great relationship. It was both our first real serious relationship. Anyway, she broke it off telling me that we were going in two different directions. last week when i was working I get a text from her.. Note we havent talked "AT ALL" for 6 months. Her text was "Kevin did I leave my books in your dorm room"? A little weird but I responded by saying its Kyle.... She apoligised and said that Kevin and Kyle were right next to eachother on her phone and that she hit me by mistake... Ok fine no worries and I thought that that would be the end of it. O but it wasnt.

She asked how I was and I followed suit. She gave me like a four page text on how she loves college and everything and at the end of the text out of no where she said "Kevin is great." Ok cool you found a bf congrats. So she asked me what I was doing, I told her and at the bottom I told her that I started dating a girl. (This is where it gets strange) She immediately gets on the defensive. "Whos this girl and where did you meet her?" So I tell her and she responds by saying this "O, Im not dating Kevin he is just a friend I am single now". Ok that was strange but I just played it off without caring. We talked for about a hour more and then I told her that if she needed anything to call me anytime.

So I was talking to one of my friends who is friends with her about it and even before I could get the story out he said's that he already knows about it. She came to him already and asked who my G/F was and if she was cuter that her? Now I dont know if she is jelous or if theirs something else going on in her mind...

I waited about two weeks after she contacted me first then I started a new conversation. we talked for about 10 minutes and I told her that since the holidays were coming up if she needed a out from parents and stuff like that, that she could call me and we could go for coffee. Well she never responded back... Its been a week and have not heard a word from her since. I believe that she is playing games but idk. Never really saw her as that type.

Any advice on this one?

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Yes, first of all, the whole "Kevin is my books in your dorm room" bit is ridiculous. Maybe I'm out of the loop, but when I text someone, I never put their name on it. It's a text to their phone. They know it's for them. She wanted you to know about this Kevin dude.


I also think that she used the "accident" as an excuse to get in touch with you, and the reason she did get in touch with you, in my opinion, is because she's lonely and wants some attention.


She seems to be acting flaky. I would avoid contact with her for a while. I think she is just using you to get attention. As soon as you invite her to do something, she thinks, "Yep, I still got him", and ignores you.


A little tip, if you will, the next time you post, would you mind using paragraphs. Makes it easier to read and understand. Thanks.

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Right I understand what your talking about and I am sure that your right. but why would she ask my friends about the girls that I have been dating? I don't understand that if she is just using me to get attention then why does she need to know about who I was dating?

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