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help so hard with ex


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why is it we have to go through this, my ex still has feelings for me and i know it, i realizize what went wrong and it took 2 years to figure that out. we were so happy before things went wrong.she understands and knows i have changed, and will say yes we should try again and after pull back. why this is so painful. i know i can take care of her and have asked God to let me complete and honor the vows i took. it just hurts i cannot get that chance. somebodey pleas tell me something good, i need it

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for inspiration


they say things are darkest before the dawn, but the entire story is not told. as the bright red star we call the sun sends it's first sliver of light above the horizon, to illuminate the colors of the day,the blue sky ablazed with red and orange, the green trees and grass, the colors of the rainbow in the flowers, and the light to see the one you love.that is the story that must be told. it is the darkness that steals away the things we hold dearest, it is the light that gives them back. so while things may be darkest before the dawn, hold on, the light is on the way, and the ones we love will be there in the light, and what the darkness took from you will be revealed, and you life will be whole again. endure the darkness for what the light brings is greater than anything you will ever know. embrace the light and the the sun, it is what brings us life. embrace the day and the time you have in the light, for life is short and we cannot let the darkness steal away what we need most, and that is love.

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