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Hey all:


Just wanted some input on this issue, so here goes.


I'm 17, my GF is 16, so I've been trying to figure out ideal places to make-out other than the backseat of my car - I feel like that sort of "cheapens" the relationship. I don't know why I dislike the backseat thing so much (besides the fact that it's a bit cramped for me), but I really just don't...Maybe it's that I feel there's very little privacy in there? idk. Either of our houses are out of the question - obviously our parents would be in their respective houses, and that's just not a possibility.


So I'm asking, does anyone have any creative/romantic ideas of places to make out that are more secluded/private? You can answer this question with general locations, or if you know the Los Angeles Area well, let me know about any good local spots.


Thanks a bunch!

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You screwed at night, cerfew law! Palos verdes, CRUD, I don't know the exact location only how to get there driving, only if I'm driving, doesn't help. But its this little hmm what is that thing called like an arch thing? But anyways you can see the whole ocean from there and the city lights, its so pretty. Oh I know another one!!! This one is great! I actually know how to get there in Long Beach, pine ave/st. LOL Although don't go after 10p.m the cerfew laws are super strict there. But you walk all the way down towards the ocean direction. Then you walk by the convention center I believe it is by going left from pine. Like you reach pine and ocean I think and you make a left then you'll see the convention on the right, you walk there to the end. Then you walk straight to where the elevator is, then you go down the stairs, head to where you see all those shops. If your in the elevator you get off and your facing the elevator doors, you make a right then go straight. Then make a right where the restaurants are. Then you make another right when you see the arcade. Then you'll see some benches, its like a docking place for boats. You can sit there and make out. At night its pretty empty and damn cold though. But its public area.

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When I was a teenager, I used to make out with my boyfriend in the escape stairwell of his apartment /shrug. So we were desperate! =P


Honestly though, we didn't have much options either. Sometimes we would make out at a park when it wasn't very busy or the beach as others have suggested.

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