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sex and the past...


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i would bet my bank that his attitude wont change. he may hide it from you from now on, but it wont change.


this. this exactly. it's what i meant when i said that maybe he's only "taking sex seriously" because he's with me and it's a circumstancial requirement. he says that now he's on the same page as me, after i talked to him, but NONE of his actions have indicated that. not his past actions with these girls and not in his relationship with me. for chrissake one of his ex's thought she might be pregnant, and he ran HER into the ground for it. two to tango, buddy! only his words now, and only those after i explained how terrible he was making me feel, have been to his credit, which doesn't say much at all. so i am hesitant to even talk to him about it again. how can i believe what he says? right now, i emotionally feel as though sex with him would be a terrible experience, and, even though i'm not a relationship guru, i know that that's a pretty bad sign.


i have this terrible feeling of being on the edge of a break-up. i stayed up most of last night thinking about it. gah. but for all of this i still feel like i can make it work, that i can deal with it.


i am officially insane.

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you arent insane i'd say that is your intuition talking and you need to listen to it before its too late.

from what you posted i completely agree with you. sex with him would be a huge mistake.

he's shown you what kind of man he is already and actions speak louder than words ever could.

i hope you make the right decision for yourself.

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A lot of times, the past is a good indicator of how the future will go - but not always.


There was something I heard a while back that I thought was excellent advice for any girl who's trying to figure out what kind of guy she's with. I forget the source of this quote, but it went something like this:


"If you want to know if a man is right for you, then ignore everything he says and pay attention to everything he does."

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I know just how you feel. I don't like somene who's "been around" he's told me all about what he's done and with who. It hurts, because when I wanted to try something I thought I was ready for, I stopped because I all I could think of was "I'm not the fisrt, he's done this with someone else, it's not special..."

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