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anyone have a child with ADD?


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My 4 year old son's behavior has me a bit confused. I've always thought he was a bit on the hyper active side. Used to when he's spend the night at his grandparent's house he would be good as gold for them. But when he'd come home he'd start acting wild and crazy. It's now gotten to the point that he's not all that good at his grandparent's house. He acts up while he's there too. Throwing fits, talking back, gets angry really easy. He started school this year and his teachers say he does great at school. He doesn't act "wild and crazy". But I wonder if it's only a matter of time (as with his grandparents) before he starts acting the same as he does at home. Even though his teachers say he's good at school, when I'm at school with him he acts "wild". He yells, pulls on my shirt, rolls around on the floor and i don't see the other kids behaving that way. His behavior has me so stressed out! Does the probem lay within him or myself? Is he a typical 4 year old little boy? Am i just too impatient with my son? Does anyone else have children who act "wild"?

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It seems weird to me that he behaves fine at school but is only acting up at home. Usually in instances of ADHD children tend to act up the most in school. Maybe he is acting up at home to get your attention. If you are really concerned you can always get him assessed by his school psychologist or speak to his pediatrician about it.

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Well, You raise some very interesting points. Have you thought about getting him tested? There is quite the possibility that he is just testing limits, however, not every case of ADD is stereotypical. I too have ADD, I wouldn't say severe, but it is pretty serious. I slipped through the ritalin cracks as I call it when I was younger because although I had energy to burn, I was very well behaved (a testament to my parents, someone had actually thought that I had a parent in the army). I was a pretty average student until I got to highschool so that too wasn't a factor. I was more of a daydreamer than a hellion so this may be taken into consideration too.


My Step daughter has pretty severe ADD. She is better behaved in school than she was at home. Even during the years when she wasn't medicated, we had wondered why no parents would give us horrible reports about her after a sleepover when she would come home and literally 'tear things up'. It may be a good idea to watch his behavior and notice any more changes and possibly a visit to the Dr.


Good Luck

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