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constantly thinking about it


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So here is whats going on


Me and my girlfriend have been dating for 9 months and out of those 9 months we have been having sex for 8. Its good, i love her to death, and we have fun the only problem is I cant stop thinking she is going to get pregnant. At first it was not a problem. I never thought about it and I went on my with my day. Now everytime I have sex all i do is imagine the worse and ruins sex with me and her because all i keep thinking is "what if? i cant handle that right now."


She is taking birth control perfectly. Every pill every day on the hour. Maybe a few mintues off now and then but almost the exact same time. She also calls her gyno incase there are questions or concerns about it. I use a condom every time w/ spermicide and I pull out before I finish. Even with these methods I still feel we are not being safe enough and its driving me insane.


At the moment i told her we need to just stop so i can clear my mind. I dont want this and I feel like i lost apart of me when i said that to her. Not to mention she didnt like it. She wasnt mad or anything like that just wasnt agreeing with the decision. I know sex is an important thing in a relationship and I wanna do my best to make it all work out.


Are there any other birth control methods we can use on top of what we are already doing? I know abstinence is possible but I dont think that will help our relationship. Its just something to buy the time while I figure something out. I know im probably being over paranoid but there is no such thing as 100% safe contraception.


Again what other methods can we use to maybe ease my mind? I wanna ahve sex around her ovulation cycle. That could be another method. Just a thought though.


If you are just curious we are both 24.



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If she is on birth control, you are using condoms, spermacide and pulling out it is almost virtually impossible to get pregnant! I mean obviously there is always a chance, but you are being just about as safe and careful as you possibly could and I don't think there is anything to worry about. Just relax!!

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The pill + condoms with spermicide and pulling out. Obsess much? lol there's nothing more you can do my friend, that's about all there is.


Although she could get the depo shot, which is supposedly better than the pill - nothing is 100% but I think depo is 99.99999999999%. So you could downgrade from tank armor to just good old fashioned comdoms.

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