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Stupid games between my ex and me.


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Let me start out by saying my ex and I are notorious for playing games with each other, even when we were dating. I know, i know imature but it what we do. And now I think its the only way I have a shot of getting her back. (She broke up with me a few months ago).


We dont talk to much and if at all its through texting but the attraction is still their for both of us. So as i said if we talk its through texting, but about a week and a half ago she gives me a call out of the blue. I missed the call and decide not to call her back (playing the game), but i didnt call her back because i had my plan of leaving her a gift in mind.

So I left my ex a couple holiday presants at her house annonomously a few days ago, but with clues of the gifts that its me who gave her the presants.She ends up finding them and then she texts me. She asks me why did i give them to her and i just said some bull, so she was like well thank you very much. So the next morning she texts me starts up a little convo. She says hey can i talk to you later im at work. i said sure.

She texts me later and, me playing the game, i say hey im a little busy right now can i CALL u later, she says sure. But i never did, but the next day i call her she doesnt answer and i left her a message for her saying "hey sorry i didnt call u back yesterday but give me a call whenever"

But of course she doesnt. (In my opinion her playing the game)

ALRIGHT!!!! So let me break this whole thing down.

We always play games with each other so here is where its at, She calls me i didnt answer and didnt call her back. I give her the presants, we text i said ill call her but dont call her to the next day. She doesnt answer and has not called me back to this day.

So i feel she is just playing the game with me right?

And if so im thinking i dont call her until like this saturday to show her that even though you dont talk to me im good but i should call her though right?

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Going off of the information you provided, I don't think she is interested in you romantically like you are with her. I think the reason why she hasn't called back is 1) she feels awkward now because you have given her a present for no reason and you guys are broken up, and 2) IF she is interested in you the way you are with her, she may think you are playing mind games with her, and she has matured and does not want to waste her time on that anymore.


If I were you, I would just be straight up and talk to her. NO texting or that kind of crap. A PHONE CALL.



Be yourself (aside from the game playing) and you might have a chance.

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