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She's 19 I'am 22

MD Geist

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Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed this girl from one of my small groups and I have alot in common interest and even added me on to her facebook right away. On our third encounter with each other she made the effort to invite me out to dinner with her and a few friends and on top of that she gave me her number. From what I have observed so far she is very interested in me in some way or another I mean the way she acts around me is like nothing I have ever seen in another woman. Just all the signs are there to make some kind of a move.


Not only that but while we where out with friends she was talking about dating and put alot of emephsis that she was indeed single and such so propusely I didn't show any serious interest in her and just had fun through out the night and kept quiet however I gave her a call today to invite her back to the small group where we had met before and her response was as if she was totally thrown off like suprized and made a quick dessision to make it this week.


Now this girl is 19 years old great girl so far from what I have seen. Work's out often looks great even through shes not my type however I can look past that already. she seems to be imature she's not. Has alot going for her. However I myself I'am 22 years old built like an NFL lineman

have alot going for myself also! what could possibly be the problem?


Well I have always had troubles connecting with younger women because all they wanna do is go out and party and I prefer an older woman than myself if I was going to date anybody.


Has anybody experenced this before?. Is she setting me up for a trap of somekind? is she taking me for a ride?.


Any imput is well needed.

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Don't generalize women unless you know her 100% and know she's a party animal.


I met my boyfriend [i was 19, he was 23] and we met at a party. You could probably conclude we both liked to party. Far from it. When we finally talked and got to know each other, partying and being out and having fun and running around wildly is far from what I enjoy.


The age gap has never been a problem, my age has never been a problem. And it was something we discussed quite frequently from the beginning because he was ready to settle down to a certain extent, but he also discovered I wasn't the partying type, the type to run clubs on the weekends and party it up and be wild and free. It worked. It had nothing to do with my AGE. It's about the person.


Find out about her first.

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See MD Geist I told you that you would have some luck eventually.


I like more mature girls myself too. But she definitely sounds like she likes you. Why not go for it? Your ages don’t matter that much. You probably don’t know yet if all she wants to go is go out and party. Even if she does she still might like staying in too.


Also your two looks definitely don’t matter if you two like each other.


She doesn’t sound like she is setting you up for a trap or taking you for a ride. Why not set up a date, and find out if you guys click?


Good luck man.

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Agreed, don't generalise. 19-22 is not even a large age gap at all. I wouldn't assume that just because she is three years younger than you that she is incredibly immature - because psychology and biology both actually show that women mature faster than men do (hence why women often find themselves going out with older men). You're never going to know the answers to any of these questions you have asked unless you give it a go! Stop assuming bad things about her!

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