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Christmas without waking to my son

the journey

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Hi All


My wife walked out two months ago and we now share custody of our son. When we were together we had talked about having a party on Christmas Eve. No we are apart, she is still having the party, a pool party, and though I am invited and she wants me to come along, I don't think I will go. I dearly love my two year old son and want to be there, but to be in 'her' house as she entertains and acts like nothing wrong is just too much.


The thought of missing waking up to my son on Christmas day is heartbreaking. The thought of going through this every year just sucks.


...and that's were the logical side of me says, 'why does she have to do this' and that I would take her back if she asked.Crazy talk I know. It's over. She is putty her needs before being a mother or wife and that's it. Just so crazy though!!


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I had the same thing with Easter. They try and prove that they are just fine or something. Mine said it was for our son but really it was for her. Talk about uncomfortable.


Do what is best for you and explain to your little one the best you can. This is my first xmas as well and it is not easy. Coordinating gifts, the questions of which house Santa will visit and on and on. I feel for you.



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I spent every christmas waking up at my house and then having to leave and drive 2 hours to go to my dad's parents house for christmas. It was always a horrible time. I only saw my father around Christmas, so, it was like spending the day with complete strangers. They rarely ever gave me gifts and all I wanted was to spend it with my REAL family. Not to be ripped away as soon as the last present was opened.


I know this is difficult but be happy that your son is young enough not to see a difference yet. Perhaps go over to your ex wifes house before your son wakes up and watch him open presents together?


Whatever you do, do not tear your child around. I know it hurts but you must place your child at the center of your concern.

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