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So...Ive got this friend right?


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I havent seen her in almost a month, i was busy preparing for basic training (boot camp) and getting into trouble with my superiors. One day im just doing errands for my dad when she starts texting me out of nowhere. At first it gets into basic texting back and forth with lols and such.


I remember that i had to go somewhere where i suspected it would be boring so I invited her to come too so we could at least have some fun messing with people (It was one of those themed church mini themeparks)


She kindly refused indicating that she was sick with a cold and shouldnt go out places, but kept nudging me to ditch where i was going and go over to her house instead. I couldnt ditch my parents I was practically told to go with them or else (still no clue why)



After a few minutes of back and forth with me trying to convince her and her promising that Ill have fun without her she lays on me this line


"If you dont enjoy yourself you can come over and take it out on me if you want lol "


I get a little confused...thats not something she usually says...even when shes being flirty...


minutes later she keeps texting things like "I need hugs" and inferring that shes feeling lonely.


Other than texting the only time she called she said she had to go about 10 seconds later...i could sense just a hint of nervousness in her voice. I dont know if it was directed at me or something else.


She goes to bed early (being sick and all) so I call her today.


Now she wont answer texts....return the call i made inquiring about how shes feeling and if theres something shes been trying to tell me.


My friend is confusing the hell out of me, she knows I like her because I tried to date her in the past, but now shes confusing the everliving daylights out of me. ](*,)](*,)](*,)




**I guess people dont want to touch this one with a 10 foot pole**

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