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here i go again!


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I feel like calling him, wishing he was online i hate being on my own without him to cuddle up 2 at night, or looking forward to the weekend when i would be seeing him. Im gutted why didnt he believe that i was genuine for him, that i loved him and wanted us. Why did he do all these things and make me feel so bad. When i think bout that it makes me think im better off without him. People say how can you still love and want a guy that has done what hes done to u. I dont know what it is. I never think about the thinks that made me unhappy just the things that made me happy. Now he will meet someone else and might be totally different with her and do all the things i wanted with him and settle down. Will i ever be able to ove and want someone again the way i felt bout him. I think i am MAD. (if u read my past posts u would agree).

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It's normal to remember only the good once a relationship has ended. I haven't read all of your past posts but maybe YOU should and remember why you're mad/angry/why it ended. Of course when he meets someone else he will be different AT FIRST.....don't torture yourself with that kind of thought-process. It's crazy-making!

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He said things will be different if we got back. Should i give him benifit or will i regret if i dont? I know we could be happy if it wasnt for his bleeding aggresion and womanising ways.


His aggression and womanising ways are part of who he is; he's not going to change these. If you go back to him, he may be OK for a little while, then he'll go back to his old ways, and then you'll go through this again ... until the next time. In effect you are saying 'We could be happy if he was someone else!'


You've already started to let go, to grieve. Don't fight it, as it's the best way to move on.


He is who he is. Unless he goes through therapy or something, he isn't going to change. If he goes out with somebody else, he'll be just the same with them in time. Spare yourself the heartache!

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