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How do I compare? and why?


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A couple of weeks ago me and a couple of friends all arranged a night out, around town clubbing etc for this coming Saturday.


I invited my bf and at first he wasnt interested, but eventually I manged to persuade him.


But know hes invited a girl who fancies him (She's brought him Pink champagne, and other things), so its obvious she has feeling for my bf.

I told my bf that I dont mind him inviting people but that I was umcomfy with her coming becuase they have known each other for 6 years (through college). Ive only known my bf a year. How do I compare to that?


And how do I deal with it if this girl comes out with us? She knows we are together. My bf said shes trued it on a couple of times but he just isnt interested. How do I believe that now hes invited her out?


Sounds petty I know, but I dont want my night to be ruined, when originally it was just me and a few friends and my bf.

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