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White lie....


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Hey all...


My gf and i were talkin about our pasts a while ago and i had told her that she was the first person iv slept with...she was surprised...she told me that im her number * guy to have been with...but then on the fone a few days later she said that she lied and shes been with more guys than she said to me first...


Im feelin a bit weird bout this...any advice?!


I know its a white lie or watever but its kinda playin on my mind...just a bit shocked...




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I bet she initially told you a smaller number because she didn't want you to feel weird about her having so many "experiences" when you only had her. Really, health concerns aside I don't think the number is a big deal & sometimes its better not to share the exact number. But since she decided to give you a number, she should have just been honest from the start. To her credit, she came clean within a few days which tells me she decided she doesn't like to lie to you. Tell her you appreciate that she told you the truth, but in the future she really needs to just be honest with you from the start.


If it is the number of guys she has been with, does that really matter? Does it change your opinion of her? If she was safe & used protection, that is the important thing. But it is her body & her choice who to sleep with before she was with you.


Just curious; how many??

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It really shouldn't matter. A lot of women will tell little white lies about the number of men they have slept with so as to not to appear promiscuous. (sp).

Some will tell bigger white lies.


The rule of thumb in this situation is to take the number she gave you, multiply it by 2, then multiply that number by a factor of 10.


That way, when she tells you the real number it doesn't sound so bad

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At least she came out and admitted she lied. I think that calls for a lot of respect for you from her... I know it might seem like she has lied about other things (MAYBE), but lying about how many people you have been with and then soon after telling you the truth... that's hard. I'd give her props for being honest.

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