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Would you be concerned?


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Last night my husband was rubbing vicks on our daughter's back. She then turned over, took his hand, put it between her legs, and closed her legs tight.


My husband freaked out and thinks that someone must have taught her that. I think it's probably normal but it does have me a bit concerned.


What do you guys think?

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I'm sorry that was brief - just thought that would help others in answering.


I just can't picture this to try to give an opinion. Babies do silly things.... But on the same hand, babies learn things and repeat as well. Was she being playful? What are your specific concerns? Someone at a daycare or?


Hugs to you Girlie!

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It sounds like she's just playing... kids grab hands, stick their fingers in their parent's belly buttons, anything to get attention.


I wouldn't read too much into this... she could have grabbed his hand and stuck it in her armpit and it would have been no big deal. If there are no signs of sexual abuse i wouldn't worry about it. If you're at all concerned, have her examined by a pediatrician for signs of sexual abuse.

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I don't really think sexual abuse would have much to do with it myself.


Children as young as toddlers have an unconscious attraction to their genitals. If you think that's bad, wait until the child is five or six.


You shouldn't take my advice though, i'm just a random college student with too much time on my hands. Ask your doctor for sure, but i'd put money on a bet that they say it's normal.

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That seems a bit young. I baby sat a 3 year old, just turned 3, who acted like a fork was a penis in front of me. That just freaked me out and I never baby sat again. My idea of her thinking its a ya know is because she had it in front of between her legs with her hand going up and down. I was like Well it's hard to describe, but I guess kids just keep getting younger at the age they start showing that.

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