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does she have a huge problem with me???


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i have known these 2 girls for about 2.5-3 years. one of them i am quite close to and we talk on msn and text each other a fair amount and we also meet up at nightlcubs n have a drink n dance togethr every so often. i will call her girl 1.

the other girl who is girl 1's best friend, i am not as close to... we dont talk on msn or text each other but if we are on each others facebok friends list and if we see each other while on a night out she is always very friendly and chatty towards me. she will be girl 2.



i havent seen either of them for a little while now as they have stopped going to alot of the clubs i go to and have got into a difference scene.

i spoke to girl 1 on msn a week or so ago and she invited me on a night out and was tellig nme to try my hardest to arrage a babysitter etc.

this club is very dressy and people wear bling n drink champange so i wanted to find the right dress and after an afternoon of looking in shops i still hadnt found anything that i liked... i was so angry i thought i prob jsut wouldnt go out. so i had on my facebook status that i oudlnt find anytign to wear so may not go... girl 2 made a comment about the status and said 'dont even think about blowing out'

so i went out next day n had another look in the shops n found somethig suitable.


anyway the night went good ... was nice to se girl 1 again and we had a little drink and chat .. girl 2 was really nice to me aswell chatting n offereing me drinks. girl 2 was taking loads of photos of the night and friends.


yesterday i go on facebook and see girl 2 has uploaded all her pictures of the night and i look in them to see the ones of me but she has not put up any of the ones of me at all..... i messaged her and asked her if she was going to put up the ones of me but she didnt reply even though she has been online a few times since. i am starting to think that maybe she has a problem with me now... if she left out 1 or 2 of the pics with me in then i wouldnt be wondering.. but she hasnt put up 1 picture that i am in.


i spoke to a friend this morning about it and she rekons that she may be jealous and doesnt want pictures of me looking good in them.

i cant understadn that though coz most of the girls she hangs with are really attractive girls who dress up really nice.

i dont understand it coz she was really nice to me and always is when i see her but this is the second time that she has not included th pictures that i was in... last time was about a yer n half ago... she took a few pictures in the club of me n other mates but then they disspeared and when i meailed her about them she didnt reply.

and sam thing has happened again... she has put up all the other pictures of everyone else but left me out and then ignored me when i asked her about them.


when i talk to her she seems genuinly interested in me and asks questions n is so nice... so why do you think she would do that. its very strange and i'm sure anyone wuold think that she had a problem with them.


any ideas???

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The pictures she did upload.. were they mostly of her & her friend? Some people post only photos of themselves and a good friend or two. She may not have done it with the intent to exclude you but rather was just posting her own pictures. You should ask her to email you the pictures of you, or bring a disk to her place & burn the photos onto a cd. If she was actually nice to you I don't think this is her way of expressing she really doesn't like you, unless you already had that feeling before this.


Also, in the future maybe you should bring your camera & take your own pictures, then you don't have to deal with trying to get pics of you from someone.

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no the pics werent of just her and her friends .. she had other people in them aswell.

last time she didnt reply when i asked for copies of the photos i wondered if she was being funny with me but then brushed it off .. but now it has happened again i am wondering again. she has hundreds of photos on her facebook of nights out with her, her friends and loads of other people they bump into so i really dont understand why she chose not to put the ones that i was in up. it wasnt just me on my own .. her closer mates were in 1 or 2 of them aswell.

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i did take my own cam n have pics of the night .. just hers cam was alot better quality and one of the pics she took of me and girl 1 was such a nice picture that it's a shame i will never see it again apart from a quick look of it on her cam. next time i see them n she gets her cam out... i will make sure i dont go near it coz i dont want to be disappointed again if i never see it again.

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i just spoke to a male friend of mine who knows both of them.... he said that girl2 is a little bit 2 faced and is the sort of girl who always wants to be the star of the show .. so if i looked good in the pics she deff wouldnt put it up so she wasn't upstaged or so that none of the guys she knows see's the pics n asks who i am. ahh well. that's a shame

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no i never go round to her house at all... girl 1 and 2 are best mates and have been for a while... i met girl 1 while back n then girl 2 through girl 1 and dont talk to her at all really apart from the occasional message on facebook or when i see her out . the only place i ever see them really is in nightclubs .. not outside of nights out at all.

they are both from rich families and my family isn't as well off as theirs... so maybe that adds to it .. who knows. oh well... guess the pics have prob been deleted by now anyway. ...will just have to forget about them and get myself a new camera that takes really good pics.

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