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alot has happened....we got back 2gether &now i am pregnant


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I dont know if anyone remembers but for about four months i continuously tried to get back with my ex who was with someone else already after we had broken up from a 2 year relationship. At the end of october we got back together...and have been doing great ever since. However a week ago i found out that i am pregnant. I dont know what to do . I will be turning 22 in less than a month. I just know deep down in my heart that i am definitely not ready for a child. Yes i know these are the consequences of having unprotected sex. He always wanted a baby and was thrilled....he feels as though this is meant to be , becauuse of everything me and him went throug. I do want kids by him; but i wanted one when i was stable comfortable out of school with a degree and able to take care of myself completely. I dont want to hurt him which i know he is already hurting because i told him this is not something i want right now. He has already told his mother, sister and father//.....i have only told my close friends none of my family knows. Also i know my mother would be deeply hurt and disappointed by this news because she knows how important school and everything else is to me. Please i need some guidance on this situation

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It sounds like your boyfriend will not find abortion acceptable under the circumstances, nor giving the baby away. So it sounds like you first need to talk to him a lot to decide what you are going to do about this.


People get high on the idea of a child, but then the reality of supporting one is something else entirely. So you need to talk about how you would do this, whether it is possible and changes you could both need to make in both your lives to do so.


People do go to school while pregnant and with young children, but you have to have child care and a support system in place.


So time to sit down and move the discussion into the concrete of how you might (or might not) be able to do this, including what to do about where to live, budges, jobs, school etc.

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Since you are concerned about how having a baby would impact your education plans, I would recommend contacting the Nurturing Network. They have a website at link removed or you can call 1-800-TNN-4MOM.

It's an organization that focuses on trying to help women with career and schooling assistance with an unplanned pregnancy.

Best of luck to you guys.

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Is the relationship stable? Are you sre you can deal with a child now?


Dont let anyone guilt you into thinking you;re ready if you're not.


You two definitely need to discuss this. It wont be the first time you hear a dude of being "thrilled" then when the real job comes, they get overwhelmed and leave/relationship melts


Just something to think about.

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