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Well I met a girl from the internet on saturday night we went to dinner and went ice skating afterwrds we both had a great time and she wants to meet up again next week. I was very proud of myself in a way because I am really quiet but we had good conversation. It was light for the most part but it was our first meet. We then went ice skating and she talked about holding my hand when we went but I didnt do it when we actually were skating. I dont know if I should have or not. But we both had fun and want to meet again. However, now the bad part..... I totalled my truck on the way home. First date and I hit ice and wreck into the barrier. Luckily she was not with me and no one else got hurt. I am very happy about that. For how hard I hit the barrier I am lucky im not hurt. Sore joints and leg and my nose hurts along with some brush burns on my wrists from when the airbag went off I think.


Well I was happy and felt good then that happened. But no one else was involved and no damage was done to anything but me and my truck. Whats funny is, is that I joked with her about getting into an accident....and wouldnt you know it at 1 in the morning Im calling a tow truck.


I really like this girl so far shes cute, funny, smart. We live about 2 hours away though. Our first date wasnt the smoothest but we did have fun and she wants to go out again. Should I take it a little further and maybe hold her hand or put my arm around her? On her profile it says looking for new friends. But she said she just puts that there. She does bring up distance once and awhile and if its not gonna work out I would hate to even bother in a way. I dont want to get to attached to her.



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It's great that you went out and had a good time and I'm glad you weren't hurt in your accident.


Definitely hold her hand or put your arm around her on your next date.


As long as you are willing to cover the distance for the first 4-6 weeks it shouldn't be an issue. Whenever she brings it up just tell her she's worth the effort.

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Thanks for the advice and concern. I always say You are worth the drive or Im willing to drive when it comes up. When I say that she usually says we will take turns or stay the weekend (In her guest bedroom haha).


Through text before we met she asked if I usually kiss on the first date and she said she never has but it doesnt mean she wouldnt. So I am probably stupid for not trying since she seems to be throwing me alot of signs. She also mentioned last night that the date we went on was the most fun she has ever had on a date!

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