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What are some great, general conversational tips for


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If jokes are too corny, and teasing someone lightly (even if it's in good fun) is not allowed, then what forms of humor or "wit" can you use with men? With women?


How do you find something funny to talk about something that, from the surface, doesn't have anything related to humor? For example, the Mini.


It's a unique looking car, but the only humor that I can think of that's related to the Mini is that Austin Powers drove one in Goldmember. That's all.

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well it depends on the situation. like one time i shook a girls hand at a club. her hand was kinda rough so i tried to play with it and feel her callouses and ask her why her hands were so rough, did she work in construction? like work the jackhammer which was kinda funny considering whe was about 5'1" and about 100 pounds. and i would've explained a personal funny story about how i learned to keep my hands soft... but she kinda walked away after playing hand slappies for a second.

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lol yeh, it depends on your situation, for example, at clubs when a random guy stares at me or sits next to me and I feel like talking or flirting i'l say hi and smile and it always works. Or if Im in a line at the shops or the bank (and its a long line) i'l make a comment on being 100 by the time I get service and Ive always had someone talk to me after that. Just be game and do it, I once asked a guy if his arm muscles were real or implants LOL It made me laugh big time.

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